Evoker Goes Deep Inside The NFL – The Houston Texans: The ‘How’

Some of you may already be aware that earlier this year we attended a two day meet in Houston with the Sports Medicine team of the American Football Franchise, the Houston Texans.

We wanted to break down for you, all aspects of this amazing opportunity, & elaborate on three key sectors;

  • ‘The How’,
  • ‘The Why’, &
  • ‘The What’ – what this experience means to Evoker, and most importantly – what it means for YOU!

Firstly, THE HOW.

Earlier in 2017, a prominent Houston Texans player chose to attend Evoker for physiotherapy services whilst holidaying in Sydney. This player, who is one of Houston’s top three-star players, carried himself in an extremely professional, polite, warm and friendly manner. Our team at Evoker all commented (voluntarily) on these traits, and each were super impressed by the way this gentleman behaved.  So much so, that we felt the need to reach out to the Texans’ Medical team, to not only provide a Physiotherapy hand-over, but to further reference and highlight how well-mannered this player was, and that this was very likely a tribute to the culture that the organisation was building.

Our society, and most media outlets, unfortunately pursue the ‘behavioural’ negatives far more frequently than they do any positives, especially if a professional athlete makes a poor decision. Yet when they (the athlete) do something particularly well, little is heard of this. This is why we felt it necessary to let the Texans know that their player was in Sydney doing very good things for their Franchise.

From this point, an email relationship developed with the head of Sports Medicine at the Houston Texans. We kindly put forward a motion of travelling to Houston and spending time with their team to see how an NFL sports medical machine operates. This was well received. Evoker was invited to Houston, but finding a date became difficult, and this was the next task.

Meetings were originally set in March 2018, and then rescheduled to May 2018, and then December 2017. However, all were cancelled due to late changes to their schedules in Houston. February 2018 became an option, but with the opening of Evoker’s second premium clinic in Martin Place, this became challenging. This was Evoker’s best chance and we pursued this opportunity. We do apologise, and thank all of our clientele involved for their understanding regarding the late changes of their appointments during the period of our travel.

Hopefully this gives you an insight into ‘how’ this experience developed. We will send you more details on why we chose to peruse, and travel, to meet their medical team and we will further elaborate on what was gained from it.

Due to player privacy and confidentiality agreements, we weren’t allowed to video or record anything whilst the players were present in the rehab space or the gym (enormous). However, there are some videos on our Instagram and facebook pages which will give you a visual insight into some of this experience.

Evoker Goes Deep Inside The NFL - The Houston Texans: The ‘How’