Why Texas? Why the NFL? Why did we go? – Part II, The Why

So, now that you know how such an interaction with an elite NFL sports medicine team came to fruition, let us tell you about ‘the why’.

Why did we spend 17 hours on a plane flying to Houston, 3 hours in the transfer lounge, & a further hour in a taxi to a hotel, to be picked up at 7am the following morning & taken to the stadium of an elite NFL side. Time is something we all have equal amounts of, but time is also the most valuable asset that we each hold dear, & how we choose to use our time is what differentiates us.

We place high value on a meeting with a Sports medicine team that looks after an elite NFL side. If we didn’t place high value on this, we simply wouldn’t have spent the time travelling to the states, adapting to the time zone, spending 36 hours on the ground, before heading back to the airport to do it all again.  

The answer to the why is this – these elite teams of the USA have such an enormous audience, consumer base, or number of active customers following the sport, that the sport generates a hell of a lot of money. In turn, the players are paid an extortionate amount of money to represent their franchise, & ultimately – to help their team win a game.

Consider for a moment that one of the better players of the Houston Texans is on a $100 million dollar contract. That is a lot of money to pay one player to take the field and to contribute to the sides potential win. Now consider that player is injured, & is sitting on the side-line. The franchise is still paying this player $100 million dollars. I think that generates a certain level of motivation to get that player right, & back out on the field as soon as humanly possible.

So, the sports medicine teams that look after these elite levels in the USA have a duty, & a responsibility, to get these players back to the field in incredibly short time frames. If they are not achieving this they will simply lose their jobs. That said, you can be assured that the physio teams looking after these groups of people will be aggressive, they’ll push boundaries, they’ll use all available current technologies, & they will experiment with the use of new technologies.

So, this check-in with an NFL side in Houston is exactly that – it’s a check in to compare how NFL standards compare to Evoker’s standards. What is the level of care that you guys are receiving in Sydney CBD compared to that of the NFL players of Houston?

That is the curious part of the question that intrigues us & is a big part of why we go. It must be said, we do not believe that the physiotherapists looking after the elite teams in the USA are better Physios than we are. We actually feel (strongly) that our clinical reasoning & manual therapy skills are superior to that of the guys in the states. However, what we know is that these elite US groups have greater access to funds, & to technologies, than we do & will ever have.

For several factors, money is not an issue for these organisations. The cost of equipment is not an issue for these teams. It doesn’t matter what it costs, they will get it. The line they kept reverberating is “if there is a 1% chance that this item/product will shave 1 day off a player’s rehab & get him back on the field sooner, we are going to try it. We have the time, we have the money, & we have access to technology.”

So, the second key driver on why we go is the technologies. The USA simply has more research & development companies producing more ‘next level’ equipment, & they supply this to elite teams/players as ‘demo model’ gear, on a very regular basis. So, they have access to this stuff before it is even on the shelf for sale. So, in some respects – the US is leaps & bounds ahead of us. For example – The Texan’s physio team have been doing things in the NFL, & for the playing group, for years (4+), & these such things are yet to even be approved or accredited here in Australia.

So that is part of The why.

How does Evoker stand & compare to NFL standard?

What technologies are new to the NFL & what can we bring back to Sydney CBD to help get you guys to a better place sooner?

We believe that is valuable information & that is worth our time to travel.

Why Texas? Why the NFL? Why did we go? - Part II, The Why