Do you suffer from Knee PAIN?

Patellofemoral (front of knee pain) is the most common type of knee discomfort experienced by adults and can affect people of all ages and genders.

Usually pain onset is related to a significant change in loading that leads to sensitisation around the patella (knee cap). Pain is often worse with running or taking stairs.

Examples of load changes might include:

  • Increased running distance and frequency
  • Climbing higher numbers of stairs
  • Increased volume and intensity of gym-based leg strengthening (such as squats and lunges)

Poor biomechanics (movement patterns) can also contribute, which lead to altered force distribution across the groove that the patella sits in. The most common factors are:

  • Poor function and weakness of hip muscles (gluteals)
  • Poor function and weakness of thigh muscles (quads)
  • Excessive foot rotation (usually pronation – rolling in)

Individual assessment of each knee is vital to determine the relative contribution of each of the above factors and a personalised treatment plan developed. A strong focus on exercise based rehabilitation will usually underpin the treatment plan.

Andrew Robertson, Physiotherapist, Evoker.

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