Womens Wellness @ Evoker… Clinical Pilates a useful tool for physiotherapists!

Our Yvonne talks to Health Times…

Pilates is a valuable rehabilitative tool for practitioners and can be instrumental in women’s health, according to Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Instructor Yvonne McKenny of Evoker.

A graduate of the University of Sydney, Ms McKenny gained qualifications in the musculoskeletal field of sports and spinal injury management. This education, coupled with her sporting background in netball, competitive swimming, cycling and running, led to a passion for Pilates.
“My interest in Pilates goes back to my teens as I found it to be a brilliant complement to my swimming training.
“I continued to participate in Pilates throughout university and grew a greater appreciation for its place in women’s health and its use in conjunction with physiotherapy as a rehabilitation option.”

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