Why When we Breathe Matters in Pilates

One of the most confusing parts of foundational Pilates is knowing when to breathe in and out. It can feel so unnatural to begin with. But there is a method to your physiotherapist’s instructions!

Did you know that when you breathe out, you are more able to get a deeper connection with pelvic floor and deep core muscles? So, breathing out is usually done with the most challenging part of the movement in order to get the best deep support and activation.

One hot tip is to just keep breathingdon’t hold your breath! If you hold your breath you are more likely to engage in a valsalva type contraction and it will create more strain and less support. If you forget when to breathe, just keep breathing and focus on your individual cue that your physiotherapist has given you to keep your deep core recruiting well.

Julia Bruce, Physiotherapist, Evoker

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Why When we Breathe Matters in Pilates