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We were asked by The daily Telegraph to contribute to their article: 10 Surprising Causes of Summer Back Pain in the Body & Soul edition in December 2018.  Evoker Physiotherapist’s Adam Monteith and Sean Wickens answered some of your questions and gave some great tips!

Sean mentioned No. 4Staying hydrated! The inside of the discs of the back contain a gel-like substance consisting of 70-90% water.  “Dehydration can impact on this and reduce the height of these discs”, says Sean Wickens, a physiotherapist at Evoker in Sydney.  “This increases the stress in the area which may lead to lower back pain in people with an existing back problem”.

TRY THIS:  “Staying hydrated by drinking water and eating fluid-filled fruits and vegetables cab reduce your risk”, says Wickens.

Adam mentioned No. 7Going on a Plane! “The distinct lack of room in and around an aeroplane doesn’t allow for changes in position, and this prolonged immobility is bad for backs”, explains Evoker Physiotherapist Adam Monteith.

TRY THIS:  “A cushion will help, but if you have a back problem then try a specific lumbar roll (a specially designed cushion that restores the curve in your lower back).  I also advise patients with back pain to choose an aisle seat so that they can easily get up and move”, he says. And remember to drink a lot of water as flying can also dehydrate the discs in your back.

Physio in Sydney city is making the media. Read the article below to see this physio feature piece up in lights, exactly as the journalist had intended…


ADAM MONTEITH | FOUNDER & APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
MHlth Sc (Manip Phty) BPhty BExSc

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After completing a rather unique double degree – a Bachelor of Physiotherapy & Exercise Science in 2003, & a Masters of Manipulative Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney in 2010 (a voluntary, yet brutal, undertaking for a physiotherapist who wants to be better), Adam established Evoker in 2011. A physiotherapy practice with a difference. & that difference, or ‘niche’, was absolute excellence. 100% of the time. Attention to customer service detail, & excellence in physiotherapy.

Adam’s career in physiotherapy began in the ‘elite’ sporting arena at the Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Club. The lessons learned in this ‘sink or swim’, high pressure environment of the 03/04/05 seasons, created a platform for Adam to really excel in this profession. Adam has accepted invitations to look after the physical health of other Physiotherapists, Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons & none other than the Prime Minister of this country.

Adam Monteith is a highly skilled musculoskeletal physiotherapist. You can be assured that when you see Adam, your complaint will be thoroughly assessed, and he will use the most appropriate and up to date techniques to treat your problem. Adam’s treatment will always be governed by research. He is constantly analysing the results of the most recent clinical trials so that you can receive the most up to date treatment, helping you to get better sooner. Adam only ever uses evidenced based and clinically proven treatment techniques. Adam Monteith is also a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Adam is very time aware and prides himself on seeing his patients on time. With a greater than 10 year history of treating and servicing the busy professional in Sydney city, he respects your time and does his best not to keep you waiting.

Adam has:
25 years combined study & clinical experience in physiotherapy/physical therapy
Worked in the heart of Sydney city for more than 15 years
Worked with both the elite athlete & ‘weekend warrior’
Had great success in treating:
– Acute sporting injuries
– Overuse running, cycling & swimming injuries
– Post operative shoulders, hips, knees and ankles
– Complex neck & back cases.
– Adam is often called on for 2nd and 3rd opinions in these complex scenarios.

Expect: A good listener, time spent in assessment phase, plenty of ‘hands on’ physio and exercise.