FEATURED IN ‘THE HEALTH TIMES’: Fitness in midlife lowers depression and cardiovascular mortality

Adam Monteith talks to Health Times…

Adam Monteith, Founder of Evoker, has featured in an article in the Health Times about fitness in midlife having both considerable physical and mental benefits. Researchers concluded: “These findings suggest the importance of midlife fitness in primary prevention of depression and subsequent cardiovascular disease mortality in older age and should encourage physicians to consider fitness and physical activity in promoting healthy ageing.”  This study is significant for Australians considering cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death and depression affects about a million people in Australia every year.

“However, fitness in midlife can present challenges, especially if those exercising haven’t been active for most of their younger lives”, according to Physiotherapist Adam Monteith.

“One way to address complications that can arise with midlife cardiovascular activity is the use of anti-gravity treadmills”, said Mr Monteith.  “It’s important to lower the load on the person’s ankles, knees and hips to get them moving pain-free.”

“The use of Pilates reformers and physiotherapy-led Pilates classes also bring significant strength gains in a low weight bearing environment to aid in the prevention of pain”, explained Mr Monteith.  “These two tools, or forms of exercise, are essential for the middle-aged person attempting to return to exercise.”

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