FEATURED IN ‘THE HEALTH TIMES’: Preventing falls in older Australians

Kylie Monteith talks to Health Times…

Kylie Monteith, Physiotherapist at Evoker, has featured in an article in the Health Times about preventing falls in older Australians.  She discusses the risk factors and how falls can be prevented. Kylie Monteith said there are many health and environmental factors that contribute to falls in older people.

Health factors contributing to increased falls risk:

• Loss of balance
• Reduced muscle strength
• History of a previous fall
• Health conditions
• Multiple medications
• Excessive alcohol intake,
• Dehydration and poor diet
• Poor eyesight
• Inappropriate footwear
• Lower limb pains

Environmental factors contributing to increased falls risk:

• Poor lighting (or not turning lights on)
• Trip and slip hazards (objects left on the floor, loose mats and slippery floor surfaces)
• Uneven surfaces (steps over doorways, shower hobs, and stairs)P

The best falls prevention strategies for older people include a prescription of home exercises, walking, appropriate footwear and aids, an environmental assessment and regular visits with a GP, said Ms Monteith.

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