How elite athleticism impacts the body

Adam Monteith talks to Health Times about treating Elite Athletes…

“I wrote to the head physio (old school pen and paper) of the Bronco’s, and asked to come and spend some time.

“They agreed, and I realised that I was on a four week job interview. Thankfully, I did well in this period and they asked me to come back and start work asap. 

Adam Monteith is the founder of Evoker Premium Physiotherapy Services, and has been working with elite athletes since finishing university.

“I absolutely loved it. High pressure, no room for error.

“The very first patient of my working career was the Broncos first grade winger, who had just torn his calf in the weekend game.

“He was anxious and wanted to return to the field asap and was asking question like ‘when can I run again?’. I had to learn fast, and I did.”

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How elite athleticism impacts the body