Back and Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

Exercise is really important in your pregnancy for both you and your growing baby. Evoker Sydney CBD Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Caitlin Stannard talks to The Great Health Guide about exercising in pregnancy to relieve lower back or pelvic girdle pain.

Physio in Sydney City is making the media. Hit the link below to see this physio feature piece up in lights, exactly as the journalist intended…


BPhty (Hons) | Masters of Physiotherapy: Pelvic Health (In Progress) Professional Certificate in Pelvic Organ Prolapse (In Progress)

Caitlin is a strong & intelligent young lady who has crammed a ‘hell of a lot’ into the 10 years of her physiotherapy career. Caitlin is a fantastic physiotherapist, a courageous triathlete, & most importantly – a warm woman with a genuine passion for improving women’s health outcomes (we call it women’s wellness at Evoker).

Graduating from the University of Sydney with First Class Honours is no small feat, and now busting through a Masters of Physiotherapy Pelvic Heath AND a post-graduate Certificate of Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

Caitlin has a real love & passion for her own exercise and performance.
This competitive streak, naturally, has led to a passion for staying fit & healthy, hence joining Evoker in 2019 and pushing to be the absolute best physio that she could be. Fair to say that we are a good fit for one another.

Caitlin now chooses to spend her time helping those who are in need of improvement with their bodies function & performance, both in everyday life and across a range of sporting pursuits, and utilises dry needling as indicated.  She has a love of women’s wellness, and a very special interest in the conditions that may exist alongside that incredibly rewarding pathway to motherhood, the challenging stages around menopause and all sorts of other issues in and around the pelvis. Alongside currently working on a busy maternity unit, she has completed a stack of further post-graduate training with the Women’s Health Training Association in pelvic floor, anorectal dysfunction, prolapse, incontinence, birth preparation and recovery, and pelvic pain conditions.

She’s been undertaking the gruelling University of Melbourne Masters of Physiotherapy Pelvic Health Program over the last couple of years which delves into the most recent and advanced research on all things pelvic health including pain, peri-operative management, exercise especially in complex pregnancies, prolapse and pessary use. Her advanced pessary and prolapse management skills have been further developed with a year-long university certificate to ensure the newest evidence and techniques are available to her clients including ring, cube and Gellhorn pessaries.

Want to know the specifics of her University training?

  • University of Sydney: Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) – First class honours (2012)
  • University of Melbourne: Masters of Physiotherapy (Pelvic Health) (Commenced 2021)
  • University of South Australia Professional Certificate of Conservative Management of Pelvic Organ Prolapse (due for completing Nov 2023)
    • Conservative Management of Pelvic Organ Prolapse 1 (2023)

Caitlin has spent the last 5 years teaching a tonne of Clinical Pilates or core strength work, and she certainly practices what she preaches here.

You can find Caitlin at Martin Place, supporting your recovery, building your strength one on one, or out front of the class, strong… but friendly, as leader of our small group Clever Core Classes.

Expect: Coupled with a warm smile, & ‘a laugh’, will be a very clever young lady who will find your pain fast, and gently but confidently guide you to a result. The result may well involve some ‘clever’ core, led by this strong woman.