Have you thought about your RUNNING style?

When we train for sports, we set aside time to develop our skills. We break it down into drills and skill sets to highlight the niche movement strategies required to perform.

Why then when it comes to running do we often go straight into it without much question or thought for technique. Sure, naturally our bodies can often lead us towards a movement strategy that generally works well, however, what happens when injury strikes, or performance plateaus or lags? What next? Do we stop running and ‘rest’ and try again in a little while in hope that things will be different?

This is where it can get a little harder to work out. But in much the same way as other sports, we can optimise our running by looking at the various components that make up our gait cycle.

Muscle length
are but a few of the areas that all need to be optimised to ensure we’re not causing stress and strain as we repetitively hit the pavement.

With the ‘Blackmores’ Running Festival fast approaching, I’m sure there are many runners, novice and well-seasoned alike, that are noticing some niggles.

Hot tip: Over-striding can be a common denominator in a lot of training niggles as it increases forces on the joints in various instances. That’s where running assessments come in!

Knee pain? Hamstring tendon pain? Shin splints?

…Try shortening your strides and increasing the turnover of your legs, for the same given pace to reduce the load on the body and see how you feel.

INCREASED Step frequency & DECREASED Stride length = Maintain target pace

If your pain is more than a brief niggle and you haven’t seen a change, know that there are many things we can look at and address, to keep you on your feet running. Evoker provides comprehensive running assessment sessions to perfect your technique and optimise your wellbeing.

Yvonne McKenny, Physiotherapist, Evoker.

If you’re struggling to navigate the world of self-help running blogs, feel free to contact me at yvonne@evokerpps.com.au for the right assessment and management for you.