The Alter G Treadmill

The most advanced piece of rehabilitation technology is now at Evoker. We are super excited to present to you, and make available to you, The Alter G Treadmill. Developed by NASA, this is a treadmill that can lower your body weight percentage (to the decimal point) as you walk or run on the machine. Meaning that you can run at 40% body weight, or 50/60/70/80/90% body weight. Or, any increment in between for that matter. It is our goal, as physios, to get you moving sooner, and moving in a pain free manner. This very special and unique treadmill allows us to do this with the press of a button.

There are only 10 of these machines available to the public in the entire Sydney metro area, and 2 of these exist in the CBD – we have one of them.

After a recent visit to The Houston Texans of the NFL, and witnessing the great benefit to their players who were using the machine – we felt we had no choice but to get this very expensive unit ASAP! There are so many applications. Consider, lowering our body weight by 10% to walk pain free and enable weight loss. Think post op knee surgery, and running week 4 post op, not week 12 – just by dropping body weight by 40%. Think faster, speed based training, and lowering body weight such that you can concentrate on form. For all of our Ultramarathon runners out there, think recovery runs at 60 or 70% body weight the day after a 100km event.

If you have pain with walking or running, this thing is for you!