Bike Fit By Evoker Sydney CBD

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This is a unique service that combines the biomechanical and anatomical expertise of a physiotherapist (one who is a seasoned rider with a profound interest in cycling) to give you the most complete bike fitting service in Sydney. This service combines the knowledge and skill of physiotherapy with the quite specialised technical abilities of a bicycle fitting specialist.


Evoker has 1 person with the exceptional skills in both of these disciplines. These two professions obviously work well together to ensure the most comfortable and biomechanically correct fit for each individual patient to their specific machine.

In undertaking a bike fitting in Sydney, we aim to enhance your cycling performance (i.e. power and efficiency) through increasing comfort and, most importantly, reducing the risk of cycling-related injuries. The Evoker bike fitting service is appropriate for all levels of cyclists and triathletes, from the beginner to the complete athlete.

Whether you have a history of cycling related injuries, want to start to take your riding seriously in preparation for an event, or have just purchased a new bike and want the bike to fit optimally to yourself, Evoker Bike Fit is for you! Visit us for comprehensive and effective bike fitting in Sydney!

Our comprehensive musculoskeletal screening is tailored to the individual and addresses a rider’s specific needs, relative to their bike and training loads. Bike Fit at Evoker, Barangaroo, involves the assessment of the athlete’s person and their machine, prior to any bike adjustment. Static measures are taken on, and off, the bike at this time. We obtain some ‘before’ measurements from the individual, and assesses a person’s physical capabilities including their individual static posture, anatomical body alignment, dynamic joint mobility, flexibility, and measures of lumbo-pelvic ‘core’ or ‘trunk’ strength.

A complete injury history is taken, and this is correlated to the athlete’s current bicycle set-up and the results of the individual physical screening. A series of specific corrective exercises are then provided (if appropriate) to the athlete, targeting their identified issues. Such issues may include inadequate flexibility at particular joints/levels, and poor strength of the trunk, pelvis or legs. Modifications are then made to the machine, creating a better fit between rider and bicycle. A cycling video analysis is again performed to ensure that all parties are happy with the new arrangement.


  1. An ‘off the bike’ interview to ascertain your complete cycling & injury history
  2. A comprehensive musculoskeletal screen, performed by a physiotherapist, to assess your specific body attributes and significant biomechanical measurements that would affect your position on the bike. This will look at your physical capabilities including joint range, flexibility, and is coupled with a dynamic strength assessment.
  3. cycling video analysis is conducted to observe the current ‘fit’ of you and your bicycle. The fitting process is then conducted by combining the results of the screening, video analysis, bike geometry, and the biomechanical findings to provide your optimal riding position. *
  4. An individualised exercise program is then recommended and provided, on an ‘as needs’ basis, to the athlete targeting their identified issues to make their body more suitable to the often heavy demands of cycling. Such issues may include inadequate flexibility at particular joints/levels, and poor strength of the trunk, pelvis or legs.

*Any additional bike parts recommended are at the complete discretion of the athlete & will have an added cost.


  1. Bicycle
  2. Cycling shoes (including orthotics) + spare cleats
  3. Cycling clothing (knicks and jersey), &
  4. Any spare parts (saddles, stems etc).


How long will this Bike Fit consultation take? 2 hours.

Can I come in before or after work? Yes, we do our very best to accommodate you and your schedule.

What is the cost? $397

Can I claim using my private health insurance card? Yes, you may. Simply bring your card along with you.

Can I bring along a second bike? Yes, most definitely! We would allocate a 3 hour session for you with 2 bikes and the cost to you is $595.