• Is your posture at work giving you PAIN?

    Often our posture in the workplace can be the source of discomfort and pain, affecting comfort and productivity.   When we typically sit for 8 to 12 hours a day at our desks, in meetings, and during commutes to and from work, our bodies are subject to stresses and strains that may eventually result in us experiencing pain, time out from our favourite activities, and time on the physio treatment table.   The lower back and neck are two common areas where you may experience postural related pain caused by poor workplace ergonomics.

    Did you know that nearly 80% of all adults will experience lower back pain more than once in their lifetime?  The frequency of low back pain in an office worker is even greater, and is often a consequence of the worker maintaining a seated position for prolonged periods without postural variation.

    Here are a few cues to encourage “Good Posture” and avoid “Pain Promoting Posture”… Read more

  • Have you thought about your RUNNING style?

    When we train for sports, we set aside time to develop our skills. We break it down into drills and skill sets to highlight the niche movement strategies required to perform.

    Why then when it comes to running do we often go straight into it without much question or thought for technique. Sure, naturally our bodies can often lead us towards a movement strategy that generally works well, however, what happens when injury strikes, or performance plateaus or lags? What next? Do we stop running and ‘rest’ and try again in a little while in hope that things will be different? Read more

  • Why Texas? Why the NFL? Why did we go? – Part II, The Why

    So, now that you know how such an interaction with an elite NFL sports medicine team came to fruition, let us tell you about ‘the why’.

    Why did we spend 17 hours on a plane flying to Houston, 3 hours in the transfer lounge, & a further hour in a taxi to a hotel, to be picked up at 7am the following morning & taken to the stadium of an elite NFL side. Time is something we all have equal amounts of, but time is also the most valuable asset that we each hold dear, & how we choose to use our time is what differentiates us.

    We place high value on a meeting with a Sports medicine team that looks after an elite NFL side. If we didn’t place high value on this, we simply wouldn’t have spent the time travelling to the states, adapting to the time zone, spending 36 hours on the ground, before heading back to the airport to do it all again.   Read more

  • Evoker Goes Deep Inside The NFL – The Houston Texans: The ‘How’

    Some of you may already be aware that earlier this year we attended a two day meet in Houston with the Sports Medicine team of the American Football Franchise, the Houston Texans.

    We wanted to break down for you, all aspects of this amazing opportunity, & elaborate on three key sectors;

    • ‘The How’,
    • ‘The Why’, &
    • ‘The What’ – what this experience means to Evoker, and most importantly – what it means for YOU!

    Read more

  • My New Perspective on Low Back Pain, Now as a Patient…

    The following piece is written by one of our Evoker Physiotherapist’s, Andrew Robertson after suffering low back pain last year.

    Stage 1 – The Injury

    What began as a stock standard Wednesday in early October last year turned into an ongoing saga that ultimately helped me to gain more perspective on dealing with low back pain. Read more