• Barry’s X Evoker

    Evoker Physio Sydney has teamed up with @barrysaustralia Martin Place to talk all things physical health and optimal human performance!

    If you’re chasing physical health perfection, Trish will be at on-site at Barry’s Martin Place in Sydney CBD to answer any questions that you might have around optimising your physical performance.

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  • WFH prompts spike in head and neck pain

    Increasing numbers of people working from home since the onset of Covid, has led to a rise in neck pain and headaches, according to physiotherapists who say those presenting for these ailments now make up more than a third of clients. “Headaches and neck pain have risen significantly in recent times especially post Covid,” said Evoker Sydney CBD Physiotherapist, Chris.

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  • Bringing the techniques of the NFL to Australia

    Back in 2017, a Texans NFL player walked into Evoker Physiotherapy Sydney CBD to keep on top of his post operation treatment, following a pectoral tear.

    It was a positive experience and one that resulted in an ongoing dialogue between head physiotherapist Adam Monteith at Evoker Sydney CBD and the sports medicine team at The Texans.

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  • Neuromuscular changes during pregnancy leading to lower-back pain

    Our Evoker Sydney CBD womens health physios talk to Health times about the Neuromuscular changes during pregnancy and how this can lead to lower-back pain and not an increase in the lumbar curvature according to new research published in PLOS One and The Spinal Journal.

    One of the most common complications during pregnancy is lower-back pain, with literature reporting 50 to 80 per cent of women are affected. The incidence of lower-back pain is higher in the third trimester of pregnancy when the most critical biomechanical and morphological changes take place.

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  • American Express has expanded its partnership with HICAPS!

    We are so please to be one of the 90,000 HICAPS providers around the country set up to automatically accept American Express payments with the rollout of the new HICAPS Trinity Payment Terminal. It’s great news for American Express Card Members giving them more places to earn Membership Rewards points on our physiotherapy service! We are happy to be able to provide this physiotherapy service in Sydney CBD.

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  • The ‘Battle’ between phyisos and chiros

    Talk to anyone with a bad back or other aches and pains, and you’ll probably find they’ve been recommended both physiotherapy treatment and chiropractic treatment, depending on who they’ve spoken to. Most people assume the answer is either/or, and many people who have visited chiropractors swear by the ‘good’ feeling they end up with after their treatment. Physiotherapist and owner of Evoker Physiotherapy, Sydney CBD, Adam Monteith says while he believes most health professionals get into their industry for virtuous reasons, the issue with chiropractors is in their training.

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  • Hip Health for Active Women in Sydney CBD

    Understanding and Managing Stress Fractures – What role does a good sports physio have to play? Evoker Physio, Hayley O’Brien dives in deep to the diagnosis and management of stress fractures. At Evoker, we are here to help you get better faster, and to help you keep this pain away such that your running performance can again shine.

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