• The Daily Telegraph: Middle-aged shred

    “There is no doubt that as we age, we injure ‘easier’ and we heal slower”. 

    Adam Monteith, Founder of Evoker, has featured in an article in the Daily Telegraph identifying the number of 40-something men signing up for gym memberships has risen by 20% in the last 6 years. Read more

  • Pilates: A Valuable Rehabilitative Tool for Practitioners

    Yvonne McKenny talks to Physio Times…

    Many women are introduced to Pilates through pregnancy, either antenatally or postnatally, as a suitable form of exercise due to its focus on strengthening the pelvic floor and deep abdominals, said Ms McKenny.

    “This can involve returning to exercise after pregnancy, learning to re-engage the deep abdominals and pelvic floor or merely getting stronger and improving quality of movement dynamically and safely.” Read more

  • Body & Soul Sunday Telegraph

    We were asked by The daily Telegraph to contribute to their article: 10 Surprising Causes of Summer Back Pain in the Body & Soul edition in December 2018.  Evoker Physiotherapist’s Adam Monteith and Sean Wickens answered some of your questions and gave some great tips! Read more

  • The Aussie Runner Podcast – Tom Do Canto

    SE.1 EP. 12

    Damo & Jez speak to 2:14 marathoner & 2016 6ft track winner Tom do Canto.

    Tom talks to us about moving into to the Australian elite marathon ranks & his attempt to qualify for the Commonwealth Games. He also talks to the boys about training for a marathon while running a business & raising a newborn, & finally settles the ongoing debate about whether road or trail is better. Read more

  • The Aussie Runner Podcast – Adam Connor (Ultra Runner)

    SE.1 EP. 11

    Damo and Jez speak to ultra-runner and running community founder Adam Connor.

    Adam discusses how an ordinary runner can complete extra-ordinary races like Badwater (135 miles through Death Valley) and Coast to Kosci (240 km).  He also talks to the boys about the two successful running communities he’s established (unofficial north face training & SUFR Social Ultra Free Runs on Facebook)

    Read more