• How elite athleticism impacts the body

    Adam Monteith, Evoker Physiotherapist, Sydney CBD, talks to Health Times about treating Elite Athletes…

    “I wrote to the head physio (old school pen and paper) of the Bronco’s, and asked to come and spend some time.

    “They agreed, and I realised that I was on a four week job interview. Thankfully, I did well in this period and they asked me to come back and start work asap. 

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  • The unique relationship between a rehab Physio and their patient.

    Founder of Evoker Sydney CBD, and Senior Physiotherapist, Adam Monteith talks to Health Times.

    “The aim is to maximise the patient’s potential, and provide them with the ability to exceed their own expectations in all that they are required to do – no matter what level that they are playing the game,” says Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Adam Monteith.

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  • Dry needling – a popular therapy, but it’s not for everyone

    Dry needle treatment, also known as myofascial point dry needling, is a natural therapy that targets chronic and acute pain. It’s becoming more prevalent as an adjunct treatment in physiotherapy, but it’s not for everyone (and not for every physiotherapist)!

    Dry needling is a western scientific therapy – not to be confused with acupuncture, which has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine – and many physical therapists from various health care backgrounds find it beneficial for patient care.

    Evoker physiotherapist, Sydney CBD, Sean Wickens favours dry needling to achieve patient goals, but even he admits it’s not for everyone.

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  • Return to Running Postpartum

    How long do you wait? How do you best prepare for this return to activity? What does the road back to running look like for you? The Women’s Health physios, Yvonne and Caitlin, at Evoker Sydney CBD can answer these important questions for you!

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  • 5 moves to do away with those WFH aches and pains

    The pandemic has completely transformed our daily routines and this has had a huge toll on all of our bodies. Luckily, Evoker Sydney CBD Physios, Adam and Kylie Monteith have shared five exercises you can easily do at home to soothe any pain you might be experiencing.

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  • The House of Wellness: Does Acupuncture work?

    Adam Monteith speaks to The House of Wellness about Dry Needling.

    “Dry needling is a form of trigger-point release therapy,” explains musculoskeletal physiotherapist Adam Monteith, founder of Evoker Sydney CBD . Read more

  • The Daily Telegraph: Middle-aged shred

    “There is no doubt that as we age, we injure ‘easier’ and we heal slower”. 

    Adam Monteith, Founder of Evoker Sydney CBD, has featured in an article in the Daily Telegraph identifying the number of 40-something men signing up for gym memberships has risen by 20% in the last 6 years. Read more