Clinical Pilates

All equipment based pilates sessions at Evoker, Barangaroo, are run by physiotherapists and incorporate the use of the reformer. This means that you will have an injury minded professional guiding your pilates experience. Our pilates programmes differ from our competitors in that we have developed a specific pilates model to help ensure that each of our patients receives a programme best suited to their prior exercise, injury and experience levels.

Unlike other pilates groups, that will often stick you at the back of a class (and you play ‘follow the leader’ – regardless of your skill level), we at Evoker will work our way through three stages of pilates core competence. We will kick things off with a 45 minute 1 on 1 initial assessment, and move to some 1 on 1 reformer work in the beginner phase, before entering the small, more advanced classes (no more than 4 people).

Evoker’s three stage pilates model allows tailored pilates exercise prescription, consistent practice with defined goals, and structured progression based on regular assessment. As physiotherapists, we have a duty to offer the best professional care possible, and by using our approach, we believe that this is the best way for you to practice and progress with your pilates core skills.

No matter your pilates experience – whether you’re a complete novice who doesn’t know a pilates reformer from an office chair, OR, you’re a trained gymnast looking for that extra 5% in your performance, you’ll fit right in at Clinical Pilates with Evoker.


At Evoker, Barangaroo, all of our physiotherapists are trained in the Pilates method. Within that very experienced group, we do have 1 young lady who is extremely passionate about pilates. Monique is a fantastic physio, a qualified pilates instructor and a former international gymnast. So, she is the perfect person to up skill your pilates work. For many years, a physiotherapist will study muscle, bone, and joint anatomy and physiology. Therefore, we have the expertise required to effectively and accurately prescribe pilates exercises for all types of people and all types of bodies: those suffering with injury and pain, and those who simply would like to begin working on a stronger core.

Pilates, under the watchful eye of a physiotherapist at Evoker, Barangaroo, also enhances:

  • Core stability
  • Postural control
  • Body awareness, &
  • Flexibility

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During your initial assessment we make sure to get an accurate account of your medical history. We will also determine what your goals are and how your body performs in a variety of movement tests. This forms the foundation upon which exercise is prescribed, and gives us valid measures to continually reassess as you continue to grow and build with your clinical pilates.

Regardless of whether you are recovering from surgery, or simply trying to build better stability to improve your running/chosen exercise, your exercise programme is tailored, graduated and reassessed to ensure you reach your goals. Every patient is different, so everyone benefits from a detailed assessment and the prescription of an individualised exercise programme. 

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