Game Ready: The Ultimate In Ice and Compression

If you have pain & swelling, you need Game Ready. This machine provides genuine cold, to 360 degrees of a joint’s surface area, like no other. What’s more – it does this as it provides significant compression. It is brilliant!

Forget frozen peas and ‘hard as nails’ ice packs – get the absolute best in cold technology with Game Ready. Available at both of our Barangaroo & Martin Place clinics.

Consider a very fresh ankle sprain. It is starting to swell, throb, and now bruise. The better you treat this ankle in the first 72 hours post injury, the shorter your recovery will be. Don’t just throw an ice pack on it, get Game Ready on it!

Consider post knee surgery. There is swelling, and pain, post op. The sooner we get this swelling down after the trauma of the procedure, the sooner we get your quads going again, and the sooner you get your knee back.

Ice, and cold, make a real difference to injury recovery rates. So, if you’re going ‘to do’ ice or cold, do it well. Get Game Ready.