Pure excellence in Physiotherapy + Pilates, right in the heart of Sydney CBD

Evoker’s physio clinic is conveniently located on level 1 of 14 Martin Place, right on the corner of Pitt Street (look for the Rodd and Gunn store on the corner of Pitt St & Martin Place). We are right, smack bang in the middle of the city – bordered also by King Street to the south & Hunter Street to the north.

Evoker Martin Place is a short 3 minute walk from Wynyard Train Station, and a very literal hop, skip and a jump from the corner of Martin Place & George Street (if you are in the city center). Town Hall Train Station also provides easy access to Evoker Martin Place.

If you are coming to us by boat, we are a short 6 minute walk from Circular quay (straight down Pitt street).

If you are staying in the area, we are directly opposite The Fullerton Hotel at no. 1 Martin Place – again, a short 1 minute stroll across Martin Place will see you at our front door.

Evoker Physio + Pilates was established in Sydney CBD on July 1st, 2011.

By late 2016, there was an overwhelming demand for our physiotherapy services in Barangaroo, & we felt compelled to provide more accessibility to our Physio & Pilates products in Sydney city. So, in 2017 we embarked on the mission to open a 2nd Evoker site, and the most beautifully appointed physio practice in Sydney CBD – one complete with all of the elite sport ‘bells & whistles’. In February of 2018, we opened a wonderfully modern, ‘timber rich’ (yet full of greens), design award winning physio clinic at 14 Martin Place, right in the heart of Sydney CBD.

Evoker | Martin Place
Suite 101, Level 1
14 Martin Place
Sydney, NSW 2000
+61 2 9016 1550

Monday – Friday
7am – 6pm

Evoker | Physio Sydney CBD
Sports Physio | Reformer Pilates | Women’s Health | Anti-Gravity Running with Alter G | Strength & Conditioning | BFR with Delfi

Entry to Evoker Physio Martin Place
Entry to 14 Martin Place, Sydney is simple. The building has 2 entrances. You may enter via Pitt Street (next to Joe & The Juice) or Martin Place (next to Rodd and Gunn). Enter the building lobby, hit up on the lifts servicing levels 1 – 8 (these are closest to Martin Place). You are going to level 1. Once on level 1, exit the lift & we are right there in front of you. Evoker’s front door will greet you. Please enter, & enjoy a complimentary tea, coffee, still or sparkling water before your physio session!

Our first physio or Pilates consult is taken at 7am, & our last physiotherapy service is at 5:30pm (be sure to book these particular spots in advance, as they are very popular). We do run reformer Pilates classes from 7am too!

Our physios at Evoker are truly excellent at what they do, & they are ready to warmly welcome you!

Book Now

    No, a referral is not necessary to see a physiotherapist in Sydney. You may simply ‘turn up’ and tell us your story.


    We do get very busy, but can generally squeeze you in within a 24 hour period. If you have a particular time frame that you prefer, it is best to book in advance.


    A women’s wellness physiotherapist is a physiotherapist who has a special interest in women’s health and wellness and can assess and treat all kinds of issues related to women’s bodies through their life span, from peri natal to peri menopausal care and everything before, in between and after these times in a woman’s life.

    Our Evoker Women’s Wellness Physios, Caitlin & Yvonne can help you get some solutions with pelvic floor re education, advice of safe exercises to build confidence and incorporate lifestyle strategies to feel more comfortable and empowered. Your detailed initial assessment will be 60 mins, and yes, you can claim your private health insurance rebate, with our HICAPS machine on the spot!

    Both Caitlin and Yvonne have both completed further training with Women’s Health Training Association.

    Read more on Women’s Wellness at Evoker


    At evoker you can expect:

    • A 30-45 minute initial consultation – the variation in time is dependant on the complexity of the presentation.
      • Always in a private, 1 on 1 environment., giving you exclusive access to the injury expert.
    • 30 minutes for any follow up appointments required, again in a 1 on 1 environment.
    • A thorough interview and physical exam
      • We listen to you.
    • An accurate diagnosis – this is key and our point of difference.
      • You can waste a lot of time if you get this wrong.
    • Plenty of ‘hands on’ or manual treatment
    • A home exercise program that will continually be progressed
    • The incorporation of pilates reformer work, under the conscious eye of our former Canadian national level gymnast and physiotherapist
    • Continued evaluation of work (is this treatment technique working for you?)
    • Continued communication with your referrer, trainer or doctor
    • Direct referral for necessary investigations, &
    • Direct referral to Doctors, Surgeons, and members of the allied health team, as required.

    At Evoker, we strive to:

    • Provide you with a diagnosis – an accurate diagnosis!
    • Explain the problem or pathology in detail, and look at all possible causes – you are a ‘whole person’, not just an injury.
      • Knowledge is power, therefore education is a very important component in your rehab.
      • Expect us at Evoker to do some talking
    • Tell you how to help yourself
    • Explain the role that physio will play in your rehab journey, and what it is we can do to help you
    • Treat the actual cause of your problem, so that you won’t experience recurrences of the same condition
    • Give you an estimate of time – how long you will be dealing with this particular problem for
    • Meet all your goals, with respect to time and result, through the use of evidence based and clinically proven manual therapy techniques and exercise prescription
    • Maintain communication – keeping regular contact with your GP, surgeon, or personal trainer ensures that all concerned with your health or fitness are on the same page, thus ensuring to you the most comprehensive product available
    • Deliver a service to you that is punctual – we understand that our patients also have busy schedules and do not want to be kept waiting
    • Ensure you receive an appointment within 24 hours

    You do not need to bring anything other than yourself and your story.

    We provide a change of clothes for you. However, if you would be more comfortable in your own clothing, you are more than welcome to bring that along with you.

    If you have any correspondence from your Doctor or surgeon, this information is helpful, so please do bring this along with any investigation results, films, and reports that you may have.


    Yes, a HICAPS facility is available on site, so that you – the patient, can claim your private health insurance rebate immediately, on the spot.


    In order to receive a Medicare rebate for your physiotherapy services at Evoker, your GP must provide you with an extended primary care (EPC) plan. Please bring this with you.

    This plan states that your condition is chronic, and that they recommend physiotherapy as a modality for management of your condition.

    This entitles you to a Medicare rebate, for up to 5 treatment sessions within a twelve month period.

    You will be required to make full payment at the time of consultation, and we can do an on-the spot Medicare rebate back into your account if you bring along an eftpos card on our hi-caps machine.