Low Back Pain

Back pain is a very common complaint. One, which almost all of us will experience at some point in out lives. The trick is to know what to do about it when it does present. Back pain manifests differently in each patient. It is therefore very important to seek an individualised exam to identify the exact cause of your pain, and ensure that the most appropriate treatment is applied immediately. Physiotherapists are experts in the musculoskeletal system and we pride ourselves in the management of low back pain. Low back pain physiotherapy helps to treat the cause and effect of persistent discomfort.


Lower back pain can be described as:

  • Insidious (comes on slowly for no “real reason”), or acute (definite injury mechanism)
  • An intermittent or constant pain
  • A local sharp pain, or, a general dull ache
  • A pain that spreads to the hips/groin/buttocks/legs and, or feet
  • A pain that is also associated with pins and needles and/or numbness that can be present in certain areas of the leg(s)
  • A weakness of the leg muscles (ie difficulty walking stairs, or getting our of a chair)
  • A pain that is associated with bowel and bladder changes (re frequency and control)
  • A pain that is aggravated by prolonged sitting (greater than 20mins) and bending forwards, or, standing and walking



We at Evoker Premium Physiotherapy Spaces are different.

We have Masters qualifications, which means that we have done more postgraduate study to become better at what we do.

What this means for you:

  • A more thorough examination
  • A more accurate diagnosis
  • The right treatment applied sooner.
  • Ultimately, getting you back to what you want to do sooner.

At Evoker, we have a 3-point posture profile, which will help you to decrease the stress applied to your lumbar discs when sitting. We also regularly apply a “lordodic maintenance tape” to every single patient that walks through our doors, that we believe is suffering from a lumbar disc injury. 99.99% of patients do NOT want to take this tape off.

We believe that the above features, in addition to our further study, make us different to our competitors. Delivering low back pain physiotherapy, with a difference.

We stand out from the crowd. We get results.


Whilst we excel in improving patient outcomes in the above mentioned ‘common conditions’, Physiotherapists at Evoker also have a special interest in assessing and treating those ‘hard to find’ injuries. We have a saying around here: ‘make sure you see the injury before it sees you!’

Some of these ‘more obscure’ conditions include:

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