SIJ Pain & Pathology + Physio

a. Sacroiliac Joint Pain & Pathology

Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) Pain

The Sacroiliac joint is an important where your lower spine (sacrum) joins with the pelvis (illia) forming the sacroilliac joint on both sides. This joint is very important joint for weightbearing in the body and at times can cause pain based on increased movement or compression.

It presents like this to us:

  • The SIJ joint is located in the lower part of the spine, often Sacroiliac joint dysfunction can mimic numerous back and hip injuries, it can cause pain lower back, hip, groin, buttock.
  • Single leg standing and activities which require transferring weight can be quite difficult which can help distinguish between lower back pain and Sacroilliac Joint pain.

It feels like this to you at rest and with sport:

  • Pain can be caused when walking, standing as well as when bending forward.
  • The pain can be dull at rest but also increase intensity whilst performing an aggravating activity or movement such as the ones above.
  • Pain can often be common when rolling in bed or when getting in and out a chair.
  • You can often feel stiffness and reduced mobility at the hips, pelvis and lower back.

We look for this in assessment:

  • The physiotherapist will look to Rule out other lower back and hip conditions which can mimic SIJ pain.
  • The therapist is looking for Tenderness on palpating the sacroilliac joint.
  • They will perform special clinical tests to tests to target the SIJ to see if this causes any of your symptoms
  • The physio will also assess muscle strength, motor control and mobility which could be contributing to the pain.


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