Sports Physiotherapy Sydney

Sports Physio – what does that even mean?
Does that mean that you need to be an athlete in order to be eligible to receive ‘Sports Physio’?
Do we at Evoker need to be sitting on ‘sports’ field sidelines of a weekend in order to provide ‘Sports Physio’?
Not at all.

We have previously done a lot of this type of work. Brisbane Broncos Rugby League, and more recently we have collaborated with the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA, and the Houston Texans of the NFL. We do this to stay at the very cutting edge of technology in this space. And we take pride in bringing this new technology to the busy professional in Sydney CBD.

‘Sports Physio’ to us is the management of a pain or injury suffered during, or after, an activity – of any kind. In the acute setting, there is (more often than not) and event or incident. Think – ankle sprains, knee ligament ruptures, hammy & calf muscle tears, groin pain & shoulder dislocations (to name but a few).

‘Sports Physio’ also, most certainly, includes the management of over use injuries – think running knee pains, Achilles tendon pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, stress fractures, cycling hip pain, & swimming shoulder pain.

Our friendly, ‘sports mad’, physiotherapists only use hands-on treatment and exercise therapy to manage the wide variety of injuries that present to Evoker. Actually, we must fess up to now owning 2 machines (dirty word at Evoker) that assist in the recovery of your injury. Both of these units were acquired on the back of seeing them, first hand, in action within the inner sanctums of the NBA and NFL. The Game Ready, & The Alter G treadmill. Please see more details of these 2 awesome products below.

We pride ourselves on providing premium quality physiotherapy services and back our ability to offer you the most effective and efficient treatment protocols, ensuring you of the most rapid recovery possible.


These instruments, or ‘tools’ (as they’re referred to in the industry) are widely used in elite sport in the USA. We have seen these used first hand, on players in both the NBA and NFL. Every injury, no matter the area or region, will get a ‘dose of tools’ as part of the player’s treatment protocol. The players refer to it as ‘scrapping‘. A fairly accurate term. Not as bad as it may sound though.

If we think about muscle or soft tissue release with the ‘good ol fashioned’ hands & elbows, we are going rather heavy, and reasonably deep with the pressures that we apply here. The use of ‘tools’ adopts the opposite approach. Tools scrape the surface. Think myofascial release. Think scar tissue breakdown. These instruments have an uncanny knack of finding those unsuspecting points of tension in a muscle system.

We at Evoker are finding that the heavier release work with hands, thumbs and elbows, coupled with the implementation of the softer and lighter ‘tools’ (or Hawkgrips Instruments) is the ideal approach for softening or ‘calming down’ a muscular segment.

We are big fans of the tools.


Evoker understands that many people within Sydney CBD or Sydney City are active people, that’s why we provide comprehensive sports physio in Sydney CBD. We also understand that sportsmen and women have different and quite specialised physiotherapy needs. Evoker has had several years experience working with the elite patient group (Brisbane Broncos Rugby League), and we are therefore ready and willing to treat your sporting concern.

Our team draws on this experience, working with the elite level sports person, to quickly and accurately diagnose your problem. We are familiar with the pressures surrounding deadlines and timeframes for important return to sport dates. Once a diagnosis has been reached and you have been educated on the condition, we are able to commence effective treatment sooner.

Whether you are an Olympic athlete, a team player, a weekend warrior, or a recreational enthusiast across any sport, you can be confident that you are in expert hands with Evoker. Whatever the injury, whatever the sport, we have seen it, and we have returned that injury to the playing arena in the shortest possible time frame. 

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Exercise therapy, or prescription, is also an integral component in physiotherapy and this includes strength retraining, balance training programs, postural re-education, stretching, neural stretching, and core stability/pilates exercises. Our experienced physiotherapists at Evoker will prescribe exercises within each of the above categories at exactly the right point in your rehabilitation. Visit us for sports physio in Sydney CBD now! 

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