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  • ADAM MONTEITH | Martin Place & Barangaroo

    FOUNDER & APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
    MHlth Sc (Manip Phty) BPhty BExSc

    After completing a rather unique double degree - a Bachelor of Physiotherapy & Exercise Science in 2003, & a Masters of Manipulative Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney in 2010 (a voluntary, yet brutal, undertaking for a physical therapist who wants to be better), Adam established Evoker in 2011. A physiotherapy practice with a difference. & that difference, or 'niche', was absolute excellence. 100% of the time. Attention to customer service detail, & excellence in physiotherapy.

    Adam's career in physiotherapy began in the 'elite' sporting arena at the Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Club. The lessons learned in this 'sink or swim', high pressure environment of the 03/04/05 seasons, created a platform for Adam to really excel in this profession. Adam has accepted invitations to look after the physical health of other Physiotherapists, Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons & none other than the Prime Minister of this country.

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    Adam Monteith is a highly skilled musculoskeletal physiotherapist. You can be assured that when you see Adam, your complaint will be thoroughly assessed, and he will use the most appropriate and up to date techniques to treat your problem. Adam’s treatment will always be governed by research. He is constantly analysing the results of the most recent clinical trials so that you can receive the most up to date treatment, helping you to get better sooner. Adam only ever uses evidenced based and clinically proven treatment techniques. Adam Monteith is also a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

    Adam is very time aware and prides himself on seeing his patients on time. With a greater than 10 year history of treating and servicing the busy professional in Sydney city, he respects your time and does his best not to keep you waiting.

    Adam has:

    • 23 years combined study & clinical experience in physiotherapy/physical therapy
    • Worked in the heart of Sydney city for more than 13 years
    • Worked with both the elite athlete & ‘weekend warrior’
    • Had great success in treating:
      – Acute sporting injuries
      – Overuse running, cycling & swimming injuries
      – Post operative shoulders, hips, knees and ankles
      – Complex neck & back cases.
      – Adam is often called on for 2nd and 3rd opinions in these complex scenarios.


    Adam Monteith is a well trained and highly successful musculoskeletal physiotherapist. He graduated from Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus in 2003 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and a Bachelor of Exercise Science. Good work in the field earned Adam a new graduate position with Allsports Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine, the official physiotherapists for the Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Club. During this time Adam was responsible for the treatment and care of a variety of patient types. Work here involved the treatment and return to sport of elite athletes, post operative patients, the busy active professional, and the patient with everyday neck and back pain.

    After turning down an offer to buy into the Allsports practice, Adam moved to London where he spent several years living and working in the United Kingdom. For 12 months Adam was employed by the British Army and was responsible for keeping 1500 soldiers fit and ready for deployment. In this time, Adam was largely treating lower limb over-use injuries (or running injuries) such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, anterior knee pain, and shin splints. Adam also worked in a large, very reputable, sports clinic in the heart of London city treating a variety of patient types, from Olympic athletes (yes – they were English) to the astute businessman. Adam then moved to the United States and spent the winter working in the Colorado Rockies, treating a large number of skiing and boarding injuries.

    On return to Sydney in 2007, Adam joined CBD Physio in the heart of Sydney city, where he spent 4 years treating and servicing the very busy Sydney professional. In this time Adam returned to study and completed a Masters of Physiotherapy, with a specialist stream in manipulative physiotherapy, at the University of Sydney. This intensive and demanding 2 year period of study has significantly improved Adam’s already strong assessment and treatment skills. Adam now has more than 20 years combined study and clinical experience in the profession, and is more than capable of dealing with the most complex of conditions, and has done so with great success in the past.

    Expect: A good listener, time spent in assessment phase, plenty of ‘hands on’ physio and exercise.

  • MONIQUE COELHO | Martin Place

    MSc Phty (Physiotherapy) BPhe (Kinesiology)

    Monique is one of our 'Clever Core' exercise rehab physios at Barangaroo and at Martin Place. A youth filled with competitive gymnastics resulted in this young lady exploding in the sport to fast become Canadian National Champion by age 13.

    Unfortunately, injury prevented her from progressing further in the sport, at which point Moe (as we like to call her) entered into coaching. Couple this elite performance & teaching experience with tremendous physiotherapy skill and acumen, and not to mention a personal 'love' of pilates, and you now have the perfect instructor for you!

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    ‘Moe knows’ high performance exercise & training. Moe knows teaching. Moe knows physiotherapy pain, anatomy & pathology. Moe knows core stability – back to front, side to side & top to bottom. If you are looking to exercise rehab as a pain management strategy, or, if you are looking for a ‘pain away’ prevention strategy – look no further for your personal instructor, teacher & friend.

    Monique Coelho graduated with high honours from the University of Toronto in 2010 with a Bachelor of Kinesiology, where she received the prestigious Governor General Award for graduating top of her class. Throughout her years of study, she worked as an Anatomy teaching assistant, participating in cadaver dissection and facilitating learning labs for 1st and 2nd year students, while simultaneously working as an athletic therapist for the varsity soccer, basketball, and football teams.

    Monique’s interest in sports and rehabilitation stems from her own athletic background. She was a competitive gymnast growing up and became a Canadian National Champion at the young age of 13. Riddled with injuries throughout her athletic career, Monique began to develop an interest in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and physical therapy. When she was no longer able to continue as an athlete, she dedicated herself to the sport by coaching recreational and competitive gymnastics while completing her undergraduate degree.


    Monique went on to complete her Master in Physiotherapy at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. Since graduating in 2012, she has gained valuable orthopedic experience working in a variety of musculoskeletal private practice clinics. She has gone on to complete post graduate courses in manual therapy and therapeutic taping, and has plans of pursuing continued education in the fields of acupuncture/dry needling, and manipulative therapy.

    Monique is also a certified level 2 DMA Clinical Pilates practitioner, from which she incorporates her Pilates training into individual treatment programs. Monique has been running small group ‘Clever Core’ classes within the clinic, for a maximum of 4 people, for several years now. Monique’s exercise classes are awesome! A fun vibe exudes, towels are provided, a bottle of water is on your reformer, and as always – the music is great!

    Dedicated to professional development, Monique’s treatment philosophy is deeply rooted in evidence-based practice and client centered-care. As a former athlete, Monique understands the struggles and frustrations that accompany an injury, and is dedicated to support you throughout the challenging rehabilitation process.

    Expect: A big smile, a ‘fading’ Canadian accent, a super fun, energetic yet technically specific exercise class. 

  • MATTHEW MEOLI | Martin Place


    Matt has worked with elite players of the Australian Rugby Union (the Wallabies). It must be said though, you do not need to be 'elite' to see Matt. He loves working with athletes (well, people) of all activity levels.

    From young players charging through the grades, to guys & girls that simply love their sport & exercise. As a former rugby player himself, Matt's personal love of sport & exercise fuels his own 'need' & desire to better understand the bodies performance capabilities, & the bodies pain processing pathways. Matt's rehab exercise repertoire is rather distinguished.

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    Matt is an extremely likeable young man, & it is no surprise that he is in demand at Martin Place. If you happen to see an available appointment with Matt in the near future, grab it.

    Matthew is an experienced, yet exciting, physical therapist with a very bright future ahead. His personal love of sport and exercise fuels his own personal ‘need’ & desire to better understand both the bodies pain experience & performance metrics – namely our limitations to doing ‘what we love’.

    Former rugby player, & now avid fan, Matt is a strong physio with a soft touch. He has great manual skills, which form the foundation of his work – manual therapy. He compliments his manual work with comprehensive exercise pieces. Again, his love of exercise and a real respect for his own training, is the basis here for an intelligent physio that is tremendous with exercise prescription.

    Matt has integrity. He is authentic – what you see is what you get. Matthew has an infectious smile, & he truly enjoys seeing his patients succeed in all that they do.



  • YVONNE McKENNY | Barangaroo


    Yvonne graduated from the University of Sydney in 2013 and has been working in the musculoskeletal field of sports & spinal injury management since late 2013.

    Yvonne's physical therapy career has spanned across various settings, from post operative orthopaedics, to public outpatients and private musculoskeletal clinics. This gives Yvonne a broad range of experiences when dealing with patients from the early acute stages of injury, right through to the late stages of rehab.

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    From a keen sporting background of netball and competitive swimming to more recently cycling and running, Yvonne can appreciate what is involved in training, the obstacles and the rollercoasters and its importance to each individual.

    Throughout her own experiences, she has utilised pilates and has seen its benefits in her ability to perform. She has since completed further training to become an APPI certified pilates instructor.

    Yvonne has completed further training in running gait analysis and dry needling as well as utilising a hands on approach in order to provide a range of treatment approaches to cater for her patient’s various needs.

    Yvonne has also completed further post-graduate training with the Women’s Health Training Association.  She has a love of women’s wellness, and a very special interest in the conditions that may exist for women of all ages with challenges in and around the pelvic floor.

    Yvonne has just returned home to Sydney after 2.5 years working with the active ambitious clientele of central London and is eager to embrace the similar context of the vibrant Barangaroo scene.

    Yvonne is fascinated by the body, the nervous system and its endless potential to change and improve. She believes in empowering her patients to understand their body so that they can perform at their best.


  • CAITLIN STANNARD | Martin Place

    Caitlin is currently on Maternity leave with little Hugo and will be returning March 2023

    BPhty (Hons)

    Caitlin is a strong & intelligent young lady who has crammed a ‘hell of a lot’ into the 8 years of her physiotherapy career. Caitlin is a fantastic physical therapist, a courageous triathlete, & most importantly - a warm woman with a genuine passion for improving women’s health outcomes (we call it women’s wellness at Evoker).

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    Graduating from the University of Sydney with First Class Honours is no small feat – ‘intelligent’ doesn’t actually do this justice.

    Caitlin worked intensively in some of Sydney’s major hospitals, fast becoming a leader in this environment (at such a young age) & accepting department management roles. She’s good.

    Caitlin has a real love & passion for her own exercise and performance (she cycles into work everyday), & competes in 1 tough, gritty, endurance based sport – the triathlon. That ‘thing’ is character building.
    This competitive streak, naturally, has led to a passion for staying fit & healthy, hence a move into the private practice sectors of physio, despite the successes of the hospital world that Caitlin did enjoy.
    Caitlin has followed her heart to Evoker here in the CBD of Sydney. Caitlin specifically said that she wanted a group that was going to push her to be the absolute best physio that she could be. Fair to say that we are a good fit for one another.

    Caitlin now chooses to spend her time helping those who are in need of improvement with their bodies function & performance, both in everyday life and across a range of sporting pursuits, and utilises dry needling as indicated.  She has a love of women’s wellness, and a very special interest in the conditions that may exist alongside that incredibly rewarding pathway to motherhood and for women of all ages with challenges in and around the pelvis. She has completed a stack of further post-graduate training with the Women’s Health Training Association in pelvic floor, anorectal dysfunction, birth preparation and recovery, and pelvic pain conditions.

    Caitlin has spent the last 5 years teaching a tonne of clinical pilates, or core strength work, and she certainly practices what she preaches here. Caitlin uses her Clinical Pilates knowledge and IP to ensure that she personally stays strong, and injury free, with her own weekly reformer sessions. This is some of the most important weekly training that Caitlin does in preparation for her triathlon events.

    You can find Caitlin at Martin Place, gently nursing somebody out of pain in the physio room, or out front of the class, strong… but friendly, as leader of our small group Clever Core Classes.
    Expect: Coupled with a warm smile, & ‘a laugh’, will be a very clever young lady who will find your pain fast, and gently but confidently guide you to a result. The result may well involve some ‘clever’ core, led by this strong woman.

  • SEAN WICKENS | Barangaroo


    Sean loves physiotherapy. There is no question. We can't wipe the smile off his face. His thirst for knowledge & understanding of the body has seen him invest post graduate time perfecting skills in Clinical Pilates & Dry Needling. Sean has also completed his Sports Level 1 Certifications, & a Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition. Sean is already talking about undertaking the gruelling Masters in Physiotherapy program (aka 'The Divorce Course' - for good reason). This boy is a glutton for punishment - but this attitude certainly benefits his clients. He simply can not hide his enthusiasm for results.

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    Sean is often seen roving the city, ducking in & out of corporate towers to perform Ergonomic Assessments. He must know that his client’s work station is exemplary, a ‘perfect fit’ to the person. Why? Because, at the end of the day – we spend greater than 1/3 of our lives there.

    Sean grew up playing competitive weekly sport, & thoroughly enjoyed cycling & running to keep fit. Sean understands the impact that injuries have on one’s work & social life, and in a broader sense – he understands the entire pain experience. He also understands the negative consequence on performance outputs (both at work & in sport). And he knows this ‘first hand’, as he has personally had to battle & conquer pain.

    Sean has personally spent a lot of time on the physio treatment table growing up, and the necessary rehabilitation required to return to activity better than before. This ‘injury experience‘ helps Sean to help you. If he has physically lived the problem or pain, he can obviously better predict, & direct, your rehab path.

    Sean loves physical therapy. His eagerness to help clients get to a better place, such that they may attain their personal goals, is evident at first meeting. He can’t hide his enthusiasm behind that smile. 

    Outside of the clinic, Sean is passionate about all things health and fitness. Sean is regularly seen working out at the gym, on the tennis court, and on the road of a weekend dancing on the pedals of his bike.

    Expect:  A warm smile coupled with a friendly chat, thorough education of diagnosis and rehab pathways, ‘hands on’ physio, super accurate exercise prescription, & ‘Clever Core’ for all things core stability.


  • MICHAEL MORRISON | Martin Place & Barangaroo

    APA PHYSIOTHERAPIST | Elite Sports Physio

    Michael, aka Mick, with a smile as big as the harbour bridge, has provided counsel to & has treated some of the NRL’s leading players. He has a genuine love of rugby league & touch football (sports of all shapes & sizes really). A youth spent in the country paved a strong, brightly lit path to this love of sport. Mick’s enthusiasm for his sport & his profession is palpable, on a daily basis.

    He does truly love the physical therapy profession & the power that he holds to provide significant value in a client’s life is certainly not lost on him. Mick is high on life, & he simply loves being at work.

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    His positivity is infectious. Not only for his patients, but for his colleagues. People simply enjoy being around this young man.

    When you see Mick, you can be guaranteed that this ‘love for the job’ will quite obviously be transferred through to your very genuine patient care. Attention to detail, elite level exercise prescription, will be coupled with a warm guiding hand & a friendly, yet assertive, voice, & this will light the path to your chosen finish line. Mick will light the torch & walk the path ahead of you, leading the way.

    He will 100% enjoy working with you, & he will be proud as punch as he watches closely when you achieve you chosen goals, & you return to doing the things you love. Nothing makes him happier. He will quite literally ‘jump for joy’.

    Mick will never be short of intelligent conversation, there will be plenty of laughs, & there will be results! If you decide that Mick is the perfect physio for you, you will not regret your decision.




    • Mick has worked with elite athletes
    • Mick has worked closely with psychologists in a program called “Time to Talk”, which measured the impact of mental health issues such as stress & depression on musculoskeletal health & wellbeing – powerful stuff.
    • Mick was a driving force in an exercise program for physios in a rather large London hospital – this man is influential, he is a go getter!
    • Mick has gone on to complete additional CPD in:
      • Strength & conditioning
      • Tendinopathy assessment & treatment
      • Complex shoulder pains
      • The Lazy Lumbar, &
      • Of course, Mick offers dry needling as a service.



  • NICOLA SIMPSON | Barangaroo

    BHM / Doctor of Physiotherapy

    Nicola is a bright, fun, energetic & intelligent physio… with many degrees. She completed her Doctor of Physiotherapy at Macquarie University in Sydney, after completing a Bachelor of Human Movement (Exercise & Sports Science) at UTS. Nicola has found a home in the demanding world of private practice ever since, & you can not wipe the smile off her face. Nicola’s particularly positive energy can be felt throughout the halls of Evoker for miles.

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    After many, many injuries, & much time spent ‘being the patient’ in her sporting years, Nicola developed a love for helping others. She has felt what you are feeling now. She gets your ‘injury frustrations’. The shoe has been on the other foot for some time now, & Nicola is the one in the consultant’s seat, treating these injuries herself – & with great success. Nicola did gain invaluable experience working with various Netball & Rugby teams, providing more urgent ‘on field’ or ‘sideline’ assessment & treatment.

    Nicola screams out loud (joyfully), when a lower limb injury ‘walks’ into her room. She is a passionate physical therapist who is all about incorporating an active, or exercise based treatment approach (at the ‘right’ time), that accompanies her accurate, but warm ‘hands on’ treatment. When these two treatment approaches are coupled together (with great accuracy, & a side of ‘firmness), you get an emotionally empowered patient that sprints out of pain, & springs back into high performance.

    Nicola has also had extensive training in ‘Polestar Informed Pilates’, & it is no surprise that she LOVES the opportunity to teach her patients the correct Pilates form (both mat & reformer). This will get your core burning, & your injury prevention up. Nicola also runs some of Evoker’s most popular reformer Pilates classes. Outside of work, Nicola is a SPORTS NUT. She loves playing Netball, watching live sport – of any kind, & she’ll attempt to pat every dog she walks past.

    You are in good hands with Nicola. You will be hard pressed to find a more caring soul in the physio world! She simply cares, a lot. She’ll bend over backwards for you… to get you the result that you need.


  • SAMANTHA CHIA | Martin Place

    MPhty BExPhys

    Samantha has a great passion for Physiotherapy and Exercise Rehabilitation! She has completed a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology in 2014 and then went on to complete a Masters of Physiotherapy in 2016. She now has over 2+ years experience working with Musculoskeletal and Neurological clients within private practice clinics and utilises her exercise physiology background with her extensive hands-on manual therapy to ensure clients get the best possible result in their recovery!

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    Sam has a special interest in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation, with an extensive history of treating young athletes, ACL rehabilitation, lower back pain, whiplash, and she has a wealth of experience with rehabilitation through Clinical Pilates informed exercises.

    Sam has an excellent knowledge and background in Exercise Physiology for varying populations of all ages; previously designing body composition and rehabilitation programs, weight loss, strengthening and conditioning programs along with complex movement analysis. In her most recent role, she took great pride in designing and implementing a cancer rehabilitation program for clinics around Australia.

    Her clinical experience in working with neurological patients has fine-tuned her understanding of the extent to which a body can be pushed to. She has an excellent knowledge of the influence both internal and external factors can have on overall performance. Having seen how much effort these guys put into their session has increased Sam’s determination to put in just as much, and even more, as your physical therapist.

    Being a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist AND personal trainer, she has all aspects of treatment covered as she has worked with people in acute injury phase, through all stages of rehab, and with returning to sport and normality. Having gone through physiotherapy herself, she can appreciate what it feels like to have an injury limit you from doing what you enjoy doing. Therefore, it’s safe to say that she won’t be letting you go from physiotherapy that easily!

    She wants you to get BETTER, and get back to that activity you LOVE!

    Sam has had several seasons working with her local AFL and Oztag teams, and returning everyday athletes to their sport at a higher level of performance and greater knowledge of injury prevention. She believes having an understanding of your condition and the underlying causes for recurrent pain/injury is important for effective rehabilitation and improving overall performance, whether it’s for a sport or being able to make it to the end of the work week feeling great!

    In her spare time, Sam has a passion for Touch Football, Tennis, AFL, and accomplishing the hardest of ‘puzzles’… yes she is the problem solver you want to have help you recover!

    You can find Sam at Martin Place, treating the elite sports person, or the weekend warrior. You will also see her out the front teaching our very own Evoker Clever Core Classes.



  • MARK MESIHA | Martin Place


    Mark has a big, & very enthusiastic, yet caring persona. The perfect balance in a good physio. He has a love for life itself, & is always bringing the positive energy. He does cut through all of this positivity with a focussed determination when he is solving a problem though. That problem being your current physical health complaint. Rest assured, that when your diagnosis is successfully achieved, Mark will bounce back to ‘magnetic Mark’ immediately, & he will be an absolute joy to be around on your journey back to 110% physical health.

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    Mark has completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy, & for the past 5 years he has been working in both the private practice environment & on the sporting sideline. Both working arenas demand similarly high levels of urgency & acuity, & Mark has truly been thriving on both ‘the sideline’ & within ‘the room’. He has a very keen interest in assisting the elite athlete on the football field, & his current active service involvement is with the Eastern Suburbs Rugby Union Football Club (he’s been with East’s Rugby since 2018).

    Mark is extremely passionate about physiotherapy, & he truly believes that he can ‘change lives’ here in Sydney city. He is empathetic, he is committed, & he is a physio who will bend over backwards for you. Mark will go the extra mile to get to the very bottom of your pain or problem. Mark is a very dedicated member of the team here at Evoker. He is always striving to be better himself, & it is his continued passion for both personal & professional development that fuels this.


    At Evoker, we most definitely have a firm (at times) ‘hands on’ (or manual therapy) approach, & this is coupled with super intelligent exercise or strength work. This is a model that we value & respect. A model that works beautifully when applied to your very personal physio care, & Mark 110% embodies this. Couple Mark’s enthusiasm & love for our physio profession with his genuine care & compassion for your health outcomes, & then layer this with his intellect & experience, & we know that you are in ‘safe hands’ with our Mark!





    Luci has completed her diploma in art and design along with an NVQ level 3 in hairdressing. She has been working in Customer Service and Reception/Administration for many years, previously within the hairdressing industry and front of house in leading restaurants in Queensland. Luci joined Evoker in September 2020, as our very friendly and efficient front of staff representative and has had a great impact on the team with her outgoing, bubbly and infectious personality. In addition to daily reception duties, Luci plays a critical role in ensuring all administrative systems run efficiently and effectively. On a personal level, she loves yoga, art and outdoor sports and has a real passion for food and cooking!

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    What this means for you is that all communication items between Evoker & members of your allied health team are delivered accurately and on time. Luci will always send you a reminder text message the day before your appointment, and will always offer you water, tea or coffee when you arrive.

    Luci loves being the face of Evoker, she is the first and last point of contact with all of our clients and her bright, bubbly disposition is encouraging and infectious. Luci has exceptional organisational and communication skills, with a vast knowledge of computing and software.

    Luci is punctual and is very prompt with all replies via email and phone. She provides invaluable key support to all members of the Evoker team.

    Expect: Your Evoker concierge to be efficient and polite, bright and bubbly!