Women's Wellness

Do you occasionally leak when you exercise, cough, sneeze, or laugh, and it bothers you?

Are you fearful of leaking when in company and want a way of avoiding any embarrassment you may feel?

Are you fearful of returning to your previous exercises due to potential embarrassment from leaking?

An Evoker women’s wellness physiotherapist can help you get some solutions with pelvic floor re education, advice of safe exercises to build confidence and incorporate lifestyle strategies to feel more comfortable and empowered.

What is women’s wellness physiotherapy?

A women’s wellness physiotherapist is a physiotherapist who has a special interest in women’s health and wellness and can assess and treat all kinds of issues related to women’s bodies through their life span, from peri natal to peri menopausal care and everything before, in between and after these times in a woman’s life.

What issues can be addressed with a women’s wellness physiotherapist?

  • Urinary control issues such as incontinence or poor bladder control
    • Stress leakage with cough, sneeze, run, jump, etc
    • Urge leakage, such as on the way to the toilet
    • Difficulty with emptying the bladder
  • Bowel incontinence and constipation
    • Straining
    • Urgency or decreased bowel and wind control
  • Assessment and treatment of pelvic organ prolapse
  • Assessment and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Physiotherapy exercise rehab to strengthen, lengthen, and help maintain function during all stages of life.
  • Musculoskeletal aches and pain due to the changes that occur during pregnancy, such as:
    • Back pain
    • Feelings of instability around the pelvis
    • Round ligament pain.
  • Post partum assessment and guidance with:
    • Diastasis recti (separation of the abdominals)
    • Repetitive strain issues such as from picking up your baby or breastfeeding posture

What will I expect during the appointment?

We provide a safe space to discuss all personal concerns related to physical symptoms and issues. We can provide internal assessments to determine the cause of your discomfort and symptoms should that be appropriate. Depending on the issue we may provide pelvic floor re education. We will help you with strategies to incorporate into your lifestyle to help you feel more confident moving towards what you want to be doing.