Our Pessary Clinic

What are Pessaries?

A pessary is a soft, silicone device that supports the walls of the vagina to manage symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse. It’s designed to lift the pelvic organ to help support the pelvic floor connective tissue and muscles as the heal and strengthen whilst you can undertake more successful pelvic floor muscle training.

Our experienced physiotherapist Caitlin has undertaken the gruelling and extensive 12 month university program to provide specialty and advanced pessary fitting for women across the lifespan including:

  • Resolving urinary incontinence and the feeling of incomplete bladder and bowel emptying
  • Reduce and prevent progression of pelvic organ prolapse
  • Help you return to the movement you love such as exercise and being active with your family
  • Prevent or delay surgical intervention


Expectations of a pessary fitting:

After an extensive advanced pelvic floor assessment to determine you would be a great candidate for this evidence-based treatment, including your prolapse severity, vaginal tissue quality and your ability to manage the pessary yourself day to day with a link with a recommended GP or gynaecologist for reviews as required.

There are many styles and sizes of pessaries and the process of finding the perfect fit is a bit like the perfect shoe, it may take a trial of a few options. We like to follow up with you soon after to ensure you have the optimal support from the pessary and teach you the skills to care for the silicone device.  A pessary can be a life changing experience, allowing you to bend, twist, lift and move with confidence and is a great low-cost and potentially long term option. We can also discuss with you the role of pessaries before or after surgery.