Workplace Ergonomic Assessments

Workplace ergonomic assessments are a range of unique services that provide businesses and employees with an environment that is comfortable, safe and promotes wellbeing. This service is completed by a workplace physiotherapy professional with experience in both occupational health and treatment of work-related injuries daily, to accurately set up the working environment to best optimise performance, avoid pain and limit fatigue.

Many workplaces have ergonomic chairs, adjustable equipment and sit to stand desks, however are commonly using this equipment incorrectly due to a lack of education and therefore not experiencing the significant benefits from correctly tailored workplace ergonomics.

We offer three tiers of assessment that cater for every workplace, whether simply requiring a health check for bigger teams, a more detailed assessment for those not currently experiencing pain and never wishing to, or a thorough detailed assessment for individuals with a history of spinal based pains.

Our workplace ergonomic assessments provide on the spot adjustments and recommendations with the workplace equipment available, real time education to individuals to optimise their working environment safely, appropriate use of ergonomic aids and reports on recommendations and changes made.

Work Wellness Products

The Clean Sweep

$266 + GST per hour

This entails a brief visit to each of the staff on a level or floor, where we will move (or sweep) from desk to desk to educate, make adjustments, and/or recommendations on the spot to the employee. We would typically plan to see 6 people in an hour of clean sweeping. We would then provide you with a list of the names of the employees that we spoke to, and what adjustments/recommendations were made for each person. A fantastic ‘health check’ for bigger teams. How are we doing? How do our standards compare? Quick fixes available.   


The Work Well

1:1 (15 mins) | $66 + GST per employee

This assessment piece requires a minimum of 4 people in a visit.  This assessment is a 15 minute, 1:1 educational piece, where we will be making recommendations and/or adjustments. This is more detailed, and more specific than ‘the clean sweep’. We provide you with a spreadsheet of the recommendations that we make following the assessment of each employee. A great piece for those not currently experiencing pain, but never wish to be either.


The Best Seat In The House

1:1 (30 mins) | $266 + GST per employee

This is a very detailed assessment and the most comprehensive piece that we offer. A very detailed, personalised report follows. This assessment piece is most appropriate for employees who may have had a history of injury or pain, or for an employee that you believe is more at risk. Employees with a history of spinal based pains do benefit greatly from this piece.