Awaken your ACL & regain your Nimble Knee

We at Evoker are delighted to present to you our 9 month ACL reconstruction rehabilitation program – Awaken.
This has been ‘in the mix’ here at Evoker for quite some time.
We’ve been travelling annually to both the NBA & the NFL since 2015, making sure that we have the absolute best in technology, & the most ‘up to date’ ACL program (on an elite world scale) for our Sydney clients.
Everybody wants to be treated like an elite athlete, & this is your time to do just that.
We’re excited for you, & the very positive journey that now lies ahead.

We think that this ‘Awaken’ process is going to be a real game changer for all ACL’s (& their owners), undergoing such an invasive procedure.
It simply bundles together all of the elements that make physio & rehab at Evoker great, & best of all – it is outcome based.
Forget the session to session stuff, this is all about getting you the knee that you want, the knee that you need – post your operation.
Think – all of the tech that we have brought back from the NFL, coupled with our superior ‘hands on’ manual therapy, & our super experienced, ‘excitable’ exercise programming!
We can’t wait to bring all of this to you.

So, what do you get?
Let’s break it down.

AWAKEN Rigorous & Robust Rehab for ACL Reconstruction... Let’s break it down.


Program Time Commitment = 9 months or 39 weeks

Physiotherapy Sessions

28 ‘hands on’ physio sessions are included inside Awaken

  • These are specifically spread across the 39 weeks
  • From day 1 post op (where our goal is pain down & movement up) through to month 9 (a successful return to sport – speed & confident agility)
  • We do have specific structures as to how we like to use these sessions, but there is always flexibility in this – we are always governed by what is best for you & your knee at any (& every) given point in the journey
    • You need more, you’ll get more – you need less, we’ll give you less & re-direct this work to another service line


Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Therapy

6 weeks of BFR is included inside Awaken

  • Brand new strength training technology, direct from the NFL
  • Like a drug for massive strength gains (that should be illegal) – it is awesome.
  • The elite, trained, NFL athletes get this on their affected limb in week 2 post ACL reconstruction
    • In fact, the NFL regard BFR so highly that they actually put it on the unaffected limb in week 1!
  • With you, & our non-elite population, we’re aiming for a BFR start in week 3
    • Frequency = 2-3 BFR sessions /wk


Learn To Load

6 weeks of Super Hero Your Strength (gym training with a physio) is also included inside Awaken

  • An exercise enthusiast (& physio) will get you into the gym & teach you how to add significant load to your operated leg (now with your new found BFR strength)
  • 12 x Learn to load sessions will follow right behind your BFR pack
  • Learn to load that limb once again, so that we may introduce jump & hop drills at the right timeframes
    • Frequency = 2 x superhero sessions per week


Bauerfeind Bracing

Your Own ‘custom fitted’ Bauerfeind Knee Brace

  • The official, & only, knee brace of the NBA
  • Bracing technology for The Sydney Swans
  • This brace is provided to you, with a personal fitting, at the appropriate time in your rehabilitation


What does all of this cost?

  • The above services & knee brace would normally cost you a total of $6,520.00
  • You could still choose to pay for this, in the ‘old school’ session to session type approach (& that is not ‘wrong’), BUT… if you commit to this process & outcome, & you’re willing to pay up front & in advance, we’ll discount Awaken by 24%!
    • We know that when you pre-pay for a product or service, that you are committed.
    • Couple this with our un-wavering commitment to you & your knee, & we have one wonderful, nimble knee at the end of this journey.
  • Your Awaken cost now = $4,977.00
  • You SAVE more than $1540.00!

PLUS, we’re throwing in

Game Ready

100% FREE, unlimited use of our Game Ready unit

  • Game Ready is a $6,000 ice & compression system, the best of the best in cryotherapy
  • Normally charged at $47/session, & you’ll have unlimited use of this unit, & booking priority, for your entire 9 month journey
    • We will use this a lot in your 1st 4-6 weeks post op
    • If there is swelling & pain, we’ll be using Game Ready
  • If Game Ready were applied after each physio, BFR & strength session – it would be on your knee no less than 58 times, the math on this looks good for you!


Anti-Gravity Treadmill Running

100% FREE, unlimited use of our Anti-Gravity (Alter G) treadmill

  • Developed by NASA, this $70,000 treadmill takes your body weight away, 1% at a time
  • Your very 1st run will be on Alter G, at 50% body weight, at approx week 12 (NFL standard return to run)
  • We’ll take you from 50% body weight > 60% > 70% > 80% > 90% > 95% > grass
  • Normally charged at $2/minute, the math also looks good for you on this one

AND – we’ll also provide you with your very own Physio Power Pack

An Evoker Gym bag, complete with:

  • All of the resistance bands that you’ll need
  • All of the leg weights that you’ll need
  • An ice pack & wrap
  • Compression bandaging
  • A travel roller, &
  • A spikey massage ball
    • Value here = $250
    • Again, we will provide you with this for absolutely no additional cost!

There is an enormous amount of quality, tech, & elite level work here.

The value on this pre-paid pack is enormous, & quite simply – it speaks for itself.

So, shall we commit to this process & ‘Awaken Your ACL’, or would you prefer to stick to ‘old school’ method & go session to session on this?

You tell us what suits you best, & we’ll do the rest.